Wildlife Mobile App Now Available for Download

Saint Mary’s College of California and the Lindsay Wildlife Museum have announced the launch of their wildlife education mobile app, which is now available for free download in the iTunes store!App_Slide_2

Saint Mary’s School of Science students developed the mobile app with the guidance of Lindsay Wildlife Museum staff. Read about the app’s development in their June 4th web post, and read Saint Mary’s College and the Lindsay Wildlife Museum’s full press release.

San Francisco Bay Area Wildlife Mobile App Arriving in June

App_Slide_2Saint Mary’s College of California and Lindsay Wildlife Museum partnered on an independent study research course offering at Saint Mary’s College that focused on the development of a mobile app about wildlife in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Saint Mary's College Students present their app design ideas to Lindsay Wildlife Museum Staff. Photo by Steve Bachofer

Saint Mary’s College Students present their app design ideas to Lindsay Wildlife Museum Staff. Photo by Steve Bachofer

Professor Steve Bachofer, Co-PI on the SENCER-ISE partnership says, “Saint Mary’s School of Science students and professors utilize their creativity and skills to develop the app which allows Bay Area residents to increase awareness of animal habitats and to protect local wildlife and this app represents first product of our partnership.”

The course was set up as if the students were part of a start-up company producing mobile apps for clients. The goal was for students to learn programming code and apply it to a real-world situation. Professor Weiwei Pan, instructor for the course says, “As a faculty member, you try to take a background roll when possible, to let the other team members actually do the work and develop their own ideas.”

Avalos.M_Quote2_SMCFor Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the goal of the mobile app is to engage local residents with their wild animal neighbors, and increase awareness about the museum. Lindsay Wildlife Museum developed and provided the content and images, as well as general direction and feedback regarding the style and use, but the creative direction of the mobile app can be attributed to the student programmers.

Michele Setter, Director of Animal Encounters/Interim Director, Wildlife Rehabilitation at Lindsay Wildlife Museum and Co-PI of the SENCER-ISE partnership, states, “This has been a very rewarding experience for me, both professionally and personally.” She does on to say, “I am very proud of the work done by the students – they really listened to their client, were very engaged in the project, and were a pleasure to work with. This is a great tool for our community to connect with our wild animal neighbors and we are very excited to share the app with the public.”

Duran.K_Quote_SMCThe mobile app was beta tested April 26-May 16 2014, and previewed publicly on May 31, 2014. It is currently in final review and should be available for download on iOS late June 2014.

Marco Avalos, a Saint Mary’s School of Science student, reflected on the experience, saying, “We were able to help each other in this app-building process. If one of us got stuck, another would step up and help us figure it out. It was a great learning experience.”

Watch a video about the making of that app and hear more from Michele Setter, professor Weiwei Pan, and Saint Mary’s School of Science students.

St. Mary’s students present mobile app storyboard for Lindsay Wildlife Museum

The five students from St. Mary’s College presented their storyboard for the mobile app they are developing for Lindsay Wildlife Museum. It’s been about one month since our initial meeting and the students really WOW’d us with the work they have done so far.

I am so impressed with how the students listened/understood the mission of the museum and applied that to their design. The app concept is functional and engaging. We do have limitations (ie, we do not have resources for a dedicated server to store data and the museum is lacking in dedicated IT support) and the students have considered all this in their design. We are finalizing the “look and feel” of the app and students will begin coding this week.

The pages below show an overview of their work. So proud!

Lindsay WildLife Museum app overview

LWM app overview p2

Saint Mary’s College App team visits Lindsay Wildlife


The Saint Mary’s College app creation team with Michele Setter


The Saint Mary’s College App team visited Lindsay Wildlife on September 8, 2013 for a behind the scenes introduction to the museum.   In addition to the informative walk through the exhibit hall and an introduction to the animal hospital facilities, team began a discussion of features to incorporate into the planned app.  The meeting represented a first visit to museum for many of the student app creation team.  The team observed the many animal ambassadors and as shown in the photo, a simple yet effective display of a bee hive.


The student team and their mentor agreed to have a storyboard presentation on the app on October 6, 2013.