Do Now U! Is the Price of Organic Food Worth It?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on a new project, Do Now U. Do Now U engages undergraduate students in online discussions about current scientific issues through the innovative use of social media.

jc1767 montpelier vt vermont farmers market tomatoesThis week, Do Now U debates organic food. In the post, Lipscomb University students, Abigail Jones, Alex Hickey, Anthony Arcodia, Chandler Eckert, Emily Daffron, Mallory Reaves, Paige Simms, Sarah Rogers, Trisha Stocker, and Victoria Mosby weigh the benefits of organic food against the extra costs.

The students highlight the health benefits that make organic food attractive to many consumers—such as the absence of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetic modification—as well as the arguments against producing organic food—including higher prices, lower productivity, the increased time and skill needed, and spoilage.

Learn more about both sides of the argument by visiting “Is the Price of Organic Food Worth It?” 

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Do Now U is an easy and creative way to engage your students in a national conversation and to improve their science communication and media literacy skills. Encourage them to comment on the post or participate on Twitter using the hashtag #DoNowUOrganic.

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Photo credit: Mark Goebel (CC BY 2.0

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