Do Now U! Should We Make Cities More Inviting to Wildlife?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on a new project, Do Now U. Do Now U engages undergraduate students in online discussions about current scientific issues through the innovative use of social media.


DoNowU Urban CoyoteThis week’s post is “Should We Make Cities More Inviting to Wildlife?”  Melissa Fuerst, a graduating senior at George Mason University, created the post with guidance from her professor, Dr. Tom Wood, SENCER SCI-Chesapeake Bay Co-Director.

In the post, Melissa details the justifications for and against merging human environments with wildlife. While animals offer educational opportunities to society, and contribute to ecosystems, arguments against encouraging wildlife in urban environments are based in concern for animal attacks on pets and children and an increased number of cases of diseases such as rabies and Lyme.

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Do Now U is an excellent resource for engaging your students in national conversations, while also improving their science communication and digital literacy skills. Use Do Now U as a warm-up exercise or an extra credit assignment by encouraging them to comment on the post, or share their thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #DoNowUWildlife.

Previous Do Now U posts cover a variety of topics including dietary guidelines and suggestions, healthcare, minimum wage, and more. Browse all Do Now U posts to engage your students in national conversations.


Photo: Dru Bloomfield (Creative Commons

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