Do Now U! Should We Use Drones to Pollinate Crops?

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Do Now U! Should We Use Drones to Pollinate Crops?Do Now U! Should We Use Drones to Pollinate Crops?This week’s Do Now U asks, “Should We Use Drones to Pollinate Crops?”


The post, written by Natalia Font, Kyler White and Kassandra Perez, students at Marian University, asks readers if we should use drones to pollinate crops.


Supporters of the drones argue that these insect-sized robots will help the honey bees do their job more effectively and efficiently. Bees are currently being shipped around the country to pollinate crops. The “bee drones” could eventually reduce the need to move an ever-dwindling population of bees around the country. Opponents of using “bee” drones argue that the drones will interfere with natural processes or lessen the concern about the decline of bee populations. They also argue that it will also cost an enormous amount of money.


What do you think? Should we start using drones to pollinate crops?


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Photo credit Jim Eklund/USDA

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